SE UCH Fi uch NOrd V-15 SE JV-15 SE VCH
That's Obvious Absolut The Blessed "Brun"

Date of birth: 2014-05-21
Weight: 45kg
Correct ridge
HD Grad A/A
ED ua (0)
Degenerative Myelopathy DM: N/N FREE, not carrier
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy JME: N/N clear, not carrier
B-locus: Genotype B/B (does not carry the liver gene)
Known mental status; both BPH (SKK avelsdata) and MT protocol:
Mentaltest protokoll Brun
Gun shot proof
Swedish Junior Winner 2015
Nordic Winner 2015
Crufts qualified 2016
2 x CAC before 2 years old
Finnish CAC before 2 years old
1 x CACIB (Swedish)
1x CACIB (Danish)
1 x Res-CACIB (Danish)
1 x Res-CAC (Danish)
compleated amplitude test in bloodtracking
3 x 1st prize in bloodtracking
2 x ”Best Ridge” at RR Specialty Shows (2 years in a row)
Owner : Linda Fredholm